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Meet Michelle:

  This is who you have to deal with to secure an appointment with us. 

Much like Keith, she hails from a background in carpet cleaning at several nationwide corporations and has just over six years experience providing those companies and their patrons with administrative and customer support.

   In her free time, Michelle enjoys spending time with her dog 'Kitty' at local dog parks and riding ATV's.

"...bringing health back to your home."

Our Promise to You

We promise to clean your carpets to the best of our ability, in fact we guarantee it. If any spots or stains come back we will too at no additional charge. Call anytime for questions regarding our guarantee.

A clean home isn't just a happier home, it's healthier too. An experienced professional will not only keep your carpets looking great, they'll also remove potentially dangerous or allergy-inducing elements.

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our philosophy

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    We strive to provide a quality cleaning service to each one of our clients without compromising honesty for profit. We focus on the concerns presented to us and we only apply products or services that are beneficial to each home individually.  We respect each household we service as a unique environment, independent of any other home we’ve cleaned, and when discussing treatment with homeowners we feel it’s important to enable them to make informed decisions. Many consumers when uneducated about the physical properties of detergents decide that more is better, however, overuse of these products becomes counterproductive shortly after cleaning because soil binds more quickly to residues left by cleaning agents than bare fibers. Carpet only reaches its maximum lifespan when it is cleaned according to manufacturer guidelines and our goal is to keep your home clean and healthy even between cleanings by leaving as little product behind as possible. 

    Professional carpet cleaning services are for more than aesthetic appeal and in Colorado, we love our fresh air, which makes carpet cleaning in Denver that much more rewarding. Carpets can harbor millions of micro-organisms all the way to the padding which include allergens such as pollen, dust mites and mold. Deep clean your carpets regularly to maintain a sanitary floor covering and add years to its lifespan.

Bringing health back to your home.

Carpet Cleaning in Denver

Bringing health back to your home.

Meet Keith:​​

   Keith has over 20 years experience in the janitorial industry with two nationwide carpet cleaning companies.  His expertise in home care doesn't just end with his awesome sanitation and spot removal skills though, Keith is also a master carpenter and the owner of:

Reliable Residential Services
See more about the remodeling and repair services Keith is qualified to provide at:

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